2018 tuition fees are as follows: 

Intensive English GBP 255 per week 21 hours tuition per week plus some social/cultural activities. Includes exam preparation.
General English GBP 200 per week 15 hours tuition per week plus social/cultural activities 4-5 afternoons.
Afternoon Course GBP 75 per week 6 hours tuition per week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Includes exam preparation.
IELTS Evening Course GBP 750 for 10 weeks 6 hours tuition per week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Variable dates, subject to demand. 
Beginners Morning Course GBP 565 for 10 weeks 4.5 hours tuition per week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Variable dates, subject to demand. 

Discounts are available for longer enrolments on the Intensive, General & Afternoon Courses:

  • 4-9 weeks 5% discount
  • 10-15 weeks 10% discount
  • 16-23 weeks 15% discount
  • 24 weeks or more 20% discount

One-to-one lessons: GBP 50 per hour—discounts negotiable

Your course fees include:

  • School materials
  • Access to self-study resources
  • Free wif-fi in School
  • Certificate and report for full-time courses
  • Exam preparation if required
  • Many social and cultural activities

Your course fees do not include:

  • Examination fees
  • Grammar books and examination practice books
  • Optional excursions
  • Personal and travel insurance
  • Lunches
  • Travel to and from School by bus or bicycle


2018 accommodation prices:

Half Board homestay GBP 165 per week
Bed and Breakfast homestay GBP 135 per week
Self Catering homestay GBP 125 per week

Self Catering residential (YMCA)

(On Fees PDF as "University Student Room")

GBP 165 per week

An accommodation booking fee of GBP 50 applies to all bookings.


Entry fees are not included in the tuition fees. You must book the Cambridge exams about 2 months before the exam date.

Exam Dates and Fees for 2018

Examination Dates Entrance Fee

PET 6 times per year GBP 90 
FCE 6 times per year GBP 145
CAE 9 times per year GBP 151
CPE 4 times per year GBP 158
IELTS Frequently GBP 165

For more information please visit www.cambridgeopencentre.org and https://ielts.britishcouncil.org/ihlondon

Weekend Excursions and Trips

Cost: between £22 and £47 for a one-day excursion. Please contact the School for prices of weekend excursions.


We advise you to arrange insurance to cover medical treatment, loss of personal possessions and loss of fees, if you have to cancel your course. If you are from the European Union, we advise you to bring the correct documentation in order to receive free medical treatment.

General expenses

After you have paid for your school and half-board homestay fees, you may need to pay for weekday lunches, optional excursions, some optional afternoon activities, travel to and from the airport, bus, or bike hire in Cambridge. You may use school books during the course, but we would recommend you also buy a grammar reference book when you are here. We would advise you to bring at least £50 per week.


If you enrol for a week when there is a Public Holiday you will receive a discount for that week. There are no classes on the following days in 2018:

  • Friday 30 March - Good Friday
  • Monday 2 April - Easter Monday
  • Monday 7 May - May Day
  • Monday 28 May - Spring Bank Holiday
  • Monday 27 August - Summer Bank Holiday
  • The School closes for Christmas holidays from 24 December 2018 to 4 January 2019

If you decide to take a holiday during your course, please let us know in advance. If you are on holiday for a week Monday-Friday, we will not charge tuition fees for that week. If you are away from your homestay, you may have to pay full or part fees in order to retain your room.